There Was No Need for Biden's 1994 Crime Bill


There Was No Need for Biden's 1994 Crime Bill

However, crime was already on a downward trajectory due to Broken Window Policies and other measures implemented by many cities around the country that started in the 1980s. The Broken Window Policy was designed to address minor criminal infractions so as not to invite further criminal activities. In other words, fix the "window" quickly as not to invite more crimes.

Like many politicians wanting to appear like they are providing a solution to a problem, in came Senator Joe Biden with his 1994 Crime Bill, ignoring most of the data showing crimes downward trend. For instance, by 1990 the homicide rate was down by 42%. 

Some ways Joe Biden thought he could help was by implementing tougher laws at the federal level and allowed for funding of building new prisons in local jurisdictions. I will point out that Congress' actions towards crime seem to be more reactive and inventive (appearing to be doing something productive) than to come up with concrete long-term solutions. And this is one of the reasons why we are still talking about this bill twenty-six years later. 

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