We All Know This is Tyranny.


We All Know This is Tyranny.

They smell blood and fear. Our enemies are waiting for the right moment to launch an assault to take us back to the dark ages. Why are we so afraid of dealing with the Russians? After all, that is where the evidence from special counsel Muller’s investigation has taken us, minus his atrocious press conference. The question I am now asking the Democrats and the never Trumpers including Rep. Justin Amash, now that the special counsel investigations are over, can we all move on?

Can we now get meaningful bi-partisan legislation that will deal with the Russians, China, and other foreign bad actors? Lastly, Hillary Clinton, will you please stop playing the victim? You lost, move on, stop assaulting our democracy; it is nauseating. It is horrifying that Mrs. Clinton has not conceded and continues to denigrate our democracy. No longer in this hoax, we trust.

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