The Family Unit Creates Ties That Bind


The Family Unit Creates Ties That Bind

The strength of any society is the bonds of the family. It is why I wake up each morning sometimes traveling hundreds to thousands of miles to make sure I can put bread on my family's table. It is why I believe having the right to protect your family is an intrinsic right. The government cannot define the family as the family precedes it. It is because of this I believe the US Constitution has enshrined natural rights and is worth fighting for. When you destroy the family, you destroy the hopes of humanity. If the Black man could maintain his family in poverty and the system of oppressive slavery, he can surely do it today!

Our ability to survive and transmit values are dependent on adaptability. Captured Africans transformed themselves into Americans and went onto build generations of families by adapting and adjusting, not by imitating. In bondage and freedom, they were able to adapt. America is the home of Blacks, Whites and other races. They all adapted to the culture from mostly opposing situations, but are 100% Americans. Likewise, myself as an immigrant, I was able to adapt to the American way of life. The path to citizenship is not framed by bloodlines or race.

If America is to survive, it will have to repel one of the most virulent leftist and modern-day liberal attacks to its very foundation. These people are telling today's Blacks that they are victims of slavery and deserve special treatment and that the US Constitution is a racist doctrine. This is misaligned from the reality that the US Constitution is here to protect us all and provide the protection for any and all to find success. After all, that is the American way. But, success does begin inside the family unit home.

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