Acknowledging the Sins of the Past


Acknowledging the Sins of the Past

Most of these whites would not picket or stand up for what was wrong with Jim Crow. However, after the Civil Rights and voting rights Act were passed, and America acknowledged the sins of the past and apologized for it, this opened the door. Those whites who stood on the sidelines started looking for ways to pay atonement for America’s great sins. This was the birth of a new movement, one that culminated with the election of America’s first Black President, Barack Obama.

Out of this guilt rose the leftist, the modern liberals and the modern feminist movements. It was not fashionable to be white or proud of Western Civilization anymore without risking being labeled racist, misogynist and bigoted. These movements were able to tie being white with money and power as Steel puts it in White Guilt. Steel further pointed out it is was a fallacy to believe that this was God showing favoritism to whites. Jim Crow or white supremacy was not the will of God but was borne out of evil.

Steel wrote, “Whites cannot celebrate their race without aligning themselves with white Supremacy and thus with the murder, enslavement, and exploitation of millions the world over. This prohibition is a feature of their lost moral authority another element or territory of white guilt.” In other words, because of the sins of the past anyone white cannot dictate about morality to anyone. This leads us to a report done by Daniel Patrick Moynihan, called The Negro Family: The Case for National Action.

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