The Elephant in the Room


The Elephant in the Room

One trend most liberals and race hustlers will never allude to was that the rise of the Civil Rights movement coincided with the decline in racial prejudice which threatened the Southern grip on Jim Crow. This is not to trivialize the Civil Rights movement or the sacrifices many made in their unrelenting pursuit for equality under the law and the end of racial quotas preferring whites during this torrid period. As economist and philosopher Thomas Sowell brilliantly put it, most private bus owners did not share the same sentiment towards segregation as the Southern Democratic law makers.

It is sought from white liberals puffed up in their pride and lust for power...

Profit making is what drives private investments, which means it is not in the interest of private businesses to discriminate. Thomas Sowell also went on to say, it does not cost government agencies anything to discriminate as the government agencies are financed by taxpayers’ dollars. During Jim Crow, as Shelby Steel writes about in his book “White Guilt,” there were many whites who, though not actively taking part in Jim Crow, were complicit in prolonging the industry. Usually because they did not want to be branded as outcasts or be kicked from their social circles.

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