Welfare State: The Aim of the Tempter Alex Wong/Getty Images


Welfare State: The Aim of the Tempter

Socialism has been around for most of human history. Eat of this fruit, and you will become like God, knowing good and evil. The aim of the tempter was for us to lose our individual identity, the very aim of Socialism. Karl Marx believed that the family was the power behind capitalism, so untangling the familial structure is critical to setting up a socialist state where the upbringing of children becomes a state issue.

In other words, kill the idea of monogamous relationships and the family will not survive. An example of this is no-fault divorce, now prevalent in many areas in this country. Karl Marx said," we shall interfere in the private relation between men and women only insofar as they disrupt our social structure." When a man does not know who he is, he debases himself to the lowest, his animalistic nature. The destruction of the family, and societal hierarchy through whatever means necessary is always the aim of the Socialist to separate man from God.

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