Left Wing Talking Points


Left Wing Talking Points

"President Trump is xenophobic!" they cried. Never mind his wife is foreign-born and is only the second foreign-born woman to occupy a place in the White House in over a hundred years. "He called some Mexicans rapists!", "He wants a Muslim travel ban!", "He said of some women, if they like you, they will let you grab them by the p***y if you are rich, powerful and famous!"

Then there is, "He is a racist!" Ask Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden. They said he called neo-Nazis good people; however, that is not what the full video revealed. Also, they say, we cannot trust him with our nuclear codes, he is going to start a war. He is a con man. He did not win the popular votes, and he has been married three times. He tweets too much; he uses offensive words like many rappers.

Another famous one is, he calls some countries sh!tholes. He labels certain left-leaning media fake news. The biggest one of them all is, "He colluded with the Russians!" Now Democrats want to impeach him. However, there is no there there. Like empty barrels, however, they keep rolling along. They foam at the mouth, calling down brimstones and fire while gnashing their teeth. They are shouting "Off with his head!" Who would you think these Godly, tolerant, and compassionate Lefties want gone?

As you can see from above, we are talking about President Donald Trump, who got the majority 306 electoral votes of the 538 available to win the presidency. Americans chose President Trump to lead this country. And using the Electoral College system, he won by a vast majority. Here in the West (or Western Civilization, if I can say that), a combination of ancient Greco Roman and Judeo-Christian principles were used to form this great Republic, the United States of America.

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