The Plot to Destroy a Duly Elected President Alex Wong/Getty Images


The Plot to Destroy a Duly Elected President

In that very debate, it was claimed by candidate Clinton that if he got elected, candidate Donald Trump would be a puppet for the Russian President, Vladimir Putin. Such a profound statement was this by Hillary Clinton; what was she inferring that night? The New York Times headlines the next day, October 19, 2019, read; Donald Trump Won’t Say if He’ll Accept Result of Election. The article went on to accuse then-candidate Trump of potentially casting doubt on our democracy. The hoax was in full swing.

As it turns out, it was not President Trump who got played like a puppet by the Russians, it was many in media. It was also the American people. And most of all, some of the leadership at the FBI and the CIA through a fake dossier paid for by Hillary's campaign got played, too. This propaganda dossier has kept the American public in a state of heightened expectation like never before. It promises to show the American people what a fraud and criminal is President Donald Trump. In the end, after over thirty plus million taxpayer dollars spent and no crime or cover-up revealed, the hoax fell with a thud.

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