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The Price Tag of Socialism

"Socialism is, in fact, a wonderful vision — a world of the imagination far better than any place anywhere in the real world, at any time over the thousands of years of recorded history." said Thomas Sowell. Forget universal health care as pushed by out of touch leftist Presidential candidates. Thirty-two trillion dollars is the price tag to implement this program, but it pales in comparison to losing our civilization. That is the path set by Socialism, the slow death of the life we now live.

The academia delusion continues, Yale Law School Professor Emily Jane O'Dell had this to say in a recent tweet,"Every single person I have asked in Central Asia (and Eastern Europe) over the past decade and a half has said life was better under the Soviets — 100 percent." Here is someone pitting the failed socialist state against one of the best Republics ever created, America! such a tragic delusion.

If you want to elevate anyone, teach them how capitalism works, provide and create economic opportunities. Victimization teaches hatred and traps them in the past. Many black Americans will support and do believe in capitalism, even though they may see it as a hustle. They know it works and is the vehicle that will better their lives, not socialist handouts. Remember, "A well-Instructed people alone can be permanently a free people."- James Madison

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